Welcome to

Tulpan restaurant

Welcome to

Tulpan restaurant

Our Finest Spices and Vegetables

El Salvador has many spices and vegetables that are similar to those found throughout Europe and the Mediterranean. This is why Tulpan selects spices and vegetables that are fresh, colorful, and aromatic.

In India, some spices are regarded as gold dust and have been used since ancient times to add aroma to dishes and serve as antimicrobials. Spices and vegetables became currency in the Middle East. Tulpan creates balanced dishes, and the combination of vegetables and spices in our dishes contains antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins essential for nutrition. We hope you enjoy our foods, specially created for you with Mediterranean essence and love.

SINCE 2018

In Sweden, the charming restaurant “Tulpan” was opened, whose name is inspired by the tulip flower. The tulip, a flower imported from the Himalayas to the Netherlands, was chosen for its name due to its freshness and delicacy.

We specialize in creating and serving exquisite drinks and gourmet dishes, meticulously designed to satisfy the most discerning palates.

Life is full of surprises, let us amaze you at your events.

Welcome to Tulpan

Tulpan is a restaurant recognized throughout Europe, and its food is served at various events, as well as in hotel lounges and bars. We are now in El Salvador to offer this privilege to Salvadorans who appreciate enjoying a meal made with the essence of the Middle East. Our chef has specialized in the culinary arts of France, Sweden, Greece, and Turkey, making us innovative and creative.

Are you creative? Let Tulpan add the culinary essence of the Mediterranean to the dishes you reserve for your events.


Discover the pleasure in every sip with our freshest and most delicious drinks.

Kiwi Smoothie

Mango Smoothie

Strawberry and Coconut Smoothie


Explore our variety of premium dishes, available to you at any time, every day.




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